Jacqueline Leclair - Music for English Horn Alone

Release Date: 09/01/2020
Label: New Focus

Oboist Jacqueline Leclair releases a collection of premiere works for English horn that covers a wide range of stylistic territory and explores the rich, penetrating voice of this beguiling instrument. Featuring music by Meera Gudipati, Hannah Kendall, Faye-Ellen Silverman, Jenni Brandon, Karola Obermüller, Lisa Bielawa, and Cecilia Arditto, Leclair's virtuosity, flexibility, and lyricism abound in these major contributions to the English horn repertoire. Oboist Jacqueline Leclair is Associate Professor of Oboe at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University. She is a member of Ensemble Signal, and can frequently be heard performing solo and chamber music concerts internationally. She was a member of Alarm Will Sound for eight years until resigning in 2011. Dr. Leclair was on the faculty of the Manhattan School of Music (NYC) and was Assistant Professor of Oboe at Bowling Green State University (Ohio) from 2007 to 2012. During her last two years at BGSU she also served as the Director of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music..



STORIES FOR OUR TIME - Music for Trumpet by Women Composers

Release Date: 11/11/2016
MUSIC PUBLISHERS: Universal Music MGB Songs [1-3]; Seesaw Music [4-6, 18-20]; Anne Guzzo [7-9]; Brass Wind Publications [10-16]; Oxford University Press [17].
Label: MSR Classics
World Premiere Recordings

The title track, by New York composer Faye-Ellen Silverman, features an array of coloristic devices, including contrasting dynamics, articulations, trills, flutter tonguing and mutes. The first movement begins with a dramatic proclamation showcased by wide interval leaps. The second movement is more lyrical, although the interval structures from the opening movement return at the end. The final movement is lively in character and, this time, more consonant.

Performers:THOMAS PFOTENHAUER, trumpet



ZIGZAGS by Joanna Ross Hersey

Release Date: 1/23/2015
Produced by Joanna Ross Hersey & William Bendrot
Engineered/Mastered by William Bendrot

Joanna Ross Hersey’s second solo album, Zigzags, features four new compositions which place the tuba and euphonium in an electronic music setting featuring collaboration through both composition and improvisation. The album also contains a new arrangement by Joanna of the music of Hildegard von Bingen, as well as a solo for unaccompanied tuba, entitled Convent Window, composed for this album. The title track, composed in 1988, is a ten minute unaccompanied tuba solo by New York composer Faye-Ellen Silverman.

Performers:Joanna Ross Hersey - Tuba; William Bendrot - Synthesizers, Theremin, Drum and Percussion Programming



Release Date: 3/11/2011
Label: TROY1250 (Albany Records)

This recording is a symbol of cross-ocean friendship between composer Faye-Ellen Silverman and guitarist Volkmar Zimmermann and includes two pieces commissioned by Zimmermann and his Corona Guitar Kvartet. All the works feature guitar and range from works for solo guitar, guitar quartet and works for voice with guitar.

Performers: Volkmar Zimmermann, guitar;
Per Dybro Sorensen, Kristian Gantriss, Mikkel Andersen, guitars; Malene Bichel and Sara Fiil, soprano; Maria Sook Garmark, clarinet; Jan Lund, tenor; Ninnie Isaksson, viola.

Works: Processional (guitar),3 Guitars (idem), In Shadow (soprano, clarinet, guitar) Wilde's World (tenor, viola, guitar), Danish Delights (soprano, guitar) and Pregnant Pauses (4 guitars).




the music of Faye-Ellen Silverman

Release Date: 10/01/2008
Label: TROY1055 (Albany Records)
Duration: 59:28

“I have had a life-long love affair with the borough of my birth — Manhattan — in the city of New York. Here many of my friends live, and here the compositions on this CD originate. Each piece tells its own story.”
Performers: Lisa Albrecht, trombone; Mary Barto, flute and alto flute; Andrew Bove, tuba; Kari Jane Docter, cello; Bruno Eicher, violin; Ann Ellsworth, horn; Jeanne Corinne Goffi-Fynn, soprano; David Jolley, horn; Michael Lipsey, marimba; Jo Williamson, mezzo-soprano.
Works: Dialogue (horn & tuba), Dialogue Continued (horn, trombone & tuba), Translations (violin & cello), Protected Sleep (horn & marimba), Love Songs (soprano & flute/alto flute), Left Behind (mezzo.soprano & horn) & Taming the Furies (flute)




Works by Faye-Ellen Silverman and Ralph Shapey

Release Date: 12/09/1992
Label: New World Records Catalog #: 80355 Spars Code: DDD
Composer: Ralph Shapey, Faye-Ellen Silverman
Performer: Joel Krosnick, Gilbert Kalish, Ronald Anderson, David Shostac
Conductors: Ralph Shapey (Shapey's works)
Stephen Mosko (Silverman's works)
Orchestra/Ensemble: Contemporary Chamber Players University of Chicago, Aspen Music School Faculty

Number of Discs: 1
Recorded in: Stereo
Length: 1 Hours 0 Mins.

Ralph Shapey: Kroslish Sonate, Concertante No.1 for Trumpet and 10 Players
Faye-Ellen Silverman: Restless Winds, Speaking Alone, Passing Fancies




Music for Velvet

Velvet Brown (Composer), Neal Corwell (Composer), Eric Ewazen (Composer), Alice Gomez (Composer), Verne Reynolds (Composer), Faye-Ellen Silverman (Composer), Henri Tomasi (Composer), Neal Corwell (Performer), Roberto Arosio (Performer), Velvet Brown (Performer) .

EWAZEN: Tuba Sonata;
REYNOLDS: Tuba Sonata;
BROWN: Te Dago Mi;

GOMEZ: Bonampak;
TOMASI: Danse Sacree Velvet Brown, tu;
Neal Corwell, eu; Roberto Arosin,

Crystal Records CD693--
62 minutes




Points of Entry: The Laurels Project, Vol. Two

Contemporary Works for solo flute by American women composers.

Performers: Nancy Stagnitta, Nina Assimakopoulos, Bryan Guarnuccio, Terri Sundberg, Katherine Kemmler.

Composers: Joyce Hope Suskind, Binnette Lipper, Jane Brockman, Cynthia Van Maanen, Laura Kaminsky, Melinda Wagner, Anne Le Berge, Elizabeth Verco, Faye-Ellen Silverman (Taming the Furies, performed by Bryan Guarnuccio), Marti Epstein, Ruth Schontal, Tania Gabrielle French, Libbey Larsen & Nancy Galbraith.
Capstone CPS-8806 (Townhall Records)--
August 24, 2008




A Free Pen
Cantata-like composition on freedom of speech, written in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

Orchestral Tides - Ashlee' Miller,clarinet. Solene Romieu, conductor. the Green Fund Orchestra

Processional - Volkmar Zimmermann, guitar