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Three/Four from two Bagatelles'
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(Years in parentheses are dates of composition, not publication
Publisher: Seesaw Music (ASCAP), a division of Subito Music Corp.)


  • Adhesions for orchestra. (1987) c. 12’ Commissioned by The Greater Lansing Symphony (listen, track #5)
  • Candlelight for piano and orchestra. (1988) c. 16’
  • Just For Fun for chamber orchestra. (1994) c. 10 1/2’
  • Lighting the Night for string orchestra. (2023) 10 1/2' Written for Kollective366.
  • Madness for narrator and chamber orchestra. (1972) 5’13”
  • Orchestral Tides for clarinet and chamber orchestra. (2012/13) c. 15 1/2'
  • Stirrings for chamber orchestra. (1979) 13’
  • Winds and Sines for orchestra. (1981) c. 15’ Winner of the Indiana State University Composition Contest.


  • The Miracle of Nemirov – a one-act opera with libretto by the composer, for 9 singers and fl/picc, ob, cl/bcl, bn, 3 Fr hn, perc (temple blocks, wood block, xylophone), 2 vln, vla, vc, cb, and electronic tape. Tape realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. (1974) c. 30’ Based on a short story by I. L. Peretz. (listen, track #9)
  • A Free Pen – a cantata with libretto compiled by the composer, for narrator, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus (8 singers), fl/picc, ob, cl/bcl, bn, 2 hn, tpt, tb, hp, 1 perc, 2 vln, vla, vc, and cb. (1990) c. 33’ Texts are from Socrates, Spinoza, Zenger, and others.
  • K. 1971 for F. and M. narrator, tenor, bass, female chorus, fl, cl, vln, vla, vc, cb, and electronic tape. Tape realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. (1972) c. 20’ Based on Kafka’s The Trial, added texts from the Kafka Diaries, Balzac, and the Chinese poet Wen I–to.
  • For Showing Truth for SSA a cappella. (1972) (ending rev. 1978) 4’35” Text by John Keats.
  • Hymn of Compassionate Love for SATB soloists, SATB choir, trumpet, timpani, and strings. (2005). c. 12’ Text is I Corintheans 13. Commissioned by and dedicated to Larry Madison.
  • Manhattan Fixation - soprano, mezzo-soprano and cello (solo voices) or female chorus and cello. I11 1/2' long. The voices sing only syllables.
  • The Wings of Night for mezzo-soprano and baritone soloists, SATB choir, and guitar. (2008). c. 25’ Texts by Shakespeare, Teasdale, Dickinson, and Colborne-Veel, illustrate the contrasting aspects of night.


  • Bridges in Time for tpt, perc, 4 vln, 2 vla, 2 vc, cb. (1986) c. 10’
  • No Strings for fl/picc, ob, bcl, bn, alto sax, hn, tpt, tb, tuba, and 1 perc. (1982) c. 11’
  • Passing Fancies for picc/fl, ob, cl/bcl, bn, hn, tpt, tb, perc, 2 vln, vla, vc, cb. (1985) c. 16’ Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation, and dedicated to Paul Fromm.
  • Shadings for fl, ob, alto sax, bn, hn, tuba, 2 perc, vln, vla, cb. (1978) 10’


  • Channeling Mark Twain: Advice for Our Time for soprano, tenor, Bb tpt and piano (2022) c. 6'
  • Danish Delights for soprano and guitar (2009) c. 10’ Texts by Sara Teasdale, Corinna, and Thomas Campion.
  • Echoes of Emily for alto and English horn. (1979) c. 6 1/2’ Texts by Emily Dickinson.
  • From Adam's Diary for tenor and Bb clarinet (2023) 11’ Text from Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve. Commissioned by Aram Tchobanian from the IWBC’s Silent Auction.
  • In Shadow for soprano, guitar and clarinet. (1972) c. 6 1/2’ Texts by Emily Dickinson.
  • Journey Towards Oblivion for soprano, tenor, fl/picc, Eng hn, cl/bcl, 1 perc, vla, vc, and cb. (1991) c. 10’ Based on texts by Christina Rosetti and D.H. Lawrence. Dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Ussachevsky.
  • Left Behind for horn and mezzo. (2006) c. 11’ Written for Ann Ellsworth and Jo Williamson. Sets poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
  • Love Songs for soprano and flute/alto flute. (1997) c. 12 1/2’ Texts by Sara Teasdale. Also for mezzo and flute/alto flute. (2005)
  • Manhattan Fixation - soprano, mezzo-soprano and cello (solo voices) or female chorus and cello. I11 1/2' long. The voices sing only syllables.
  • Mariana for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, and piano. (1995) c. 11 Text by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Commissioned by The Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse.
  • Reflections on a Distant Love for mezzo-soprano, viola, and piano. (2021) c. 13' Texts by Sara Teasdale and Emily Dickinson.
  • The Excommunication of Spinoza for soprano and piano.4'15" This aria is taken from A Free Pen. The text is from the historical excommunication of Spinoza.
  • To Love? for bass-baritone and piano. (1980) 9 1/4’ Settings of an Elizabethan song and poems by Coventry Patmore and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Wilde’s World for tenor, viola, & guitar. (2000) 14’ Text: Oscar Wilde’s “To L.L.”


  • A Time to Mourn for flugelhorn. (2022) 5' Dedicated to the memory of Joan Fann
  • Alternating Currents for bass trombone and piano. (2002) c. 7’ Commissioned by Thomas Matta.
  • At the Colour Café for brass choir (4 C tpts, 4 hns, 2 tb, bass tb, tuba, perc). (1997) c. 10’ Written for the Monarch Brass for the second International Women’s Brass Conference.
  • Combined Efforts for euphonium, tuba, and piano. (2014) c. 9' Commissioned by IWBC2014 for performance by SymbiosisDuo.
  • Custom-made Shades for trombone and piano. (2015) c. 9' Commissioned by Nicole Abissi.
  • Dialogue for horn and tuba. (1976) c. 4 1/2’
  • Dialogue Continued for horn, trombone, and tuba. (2000) c. 9 1/2’ Commissioned by Susan Slaughter for the Monarch Brass’s concert at the National Museum of Women.
  • Double Threat for two trumpets. (2002) c. 6’
  • Edinboro Sonata for tuba and piano. (2009) c. 8’ Commissioned by the Edinboro University Student Government Association, Inc., the Edinboro University Women's Studies Department, and the Friends of the Erie County Public Library for the Edinboro University Chamber Players. Dedicated to Daniel Burdick.
  • First Position for trombone and marimba. (1992) c. 7’ Written for the First International Women’s Brass Conference. Requires a virtuoso trombonist.
  • From Sorrow for trumpet, horn, and bass trombone. (2001) c. 10 1/2’ (listen, track #2)
  • Kalends for brass quintet. (1981) 15’
  • Meetings for 2 euphoniums, 2 tubas. (2003) c. 9’ Commissioned by the International Women’s Brass Conference for Junction.
  • Protected Sleep for horn and marimba. (2006) c. 9’ Written for David Jolley. The work is based on the Sephardic Jewish melody "Durme, durme."
  • Quantum Quintet for brass quintet. (1982) c. 12 1/2’ A National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Commission [combining the American Brass Quintet, the Catskill Brass Quintet, the Mt. Vernon Brass Players, and the Southern Brass Quintet].
  • Singing to My Mother for solo French horn, (2018) 5' Commissioned by Julie Landsman in memory of her mother.
  • Stories for Our Time for trumpet and piano, (2007) c. 12 1/2’
  • Triple Threat for three trumpets. (2001) c. 7 1/2’
  • Trysts for two trumpets. (1982) c. 5 1/2’
  • Zigzags for tuba. (1988) c. 8 1/2’


  • Colored Tones for soprano saxophone. (2014) c. 5 ¼’ Written for Patrick Jones and dedicated to Chou Wen-chung in honor of his 90th birthday
  • Conversations for alto flute and clarinet. (1975) 5’17”
    (Listen to a comment from the composer)
  • Conversations Continued for alto flute and clarinet. (2011) c. 5 ½’ Written for Voices of Change. Meant as a companion piece for Conversations.
  • Healing Hands for flute. (2022) 2 1/2' For Dr. Ruth Oratz
  • Intertwining Clarinets for 2 Bb clarinets. (2020) c. 7’
  • Interval Untamed: Five Miniatures for alto saxophone (2010) c. 7’
  • Layered Lament for English horn and electronic tape. (1983) 5’37” Tape realized at the University of Utah Electronic Music Studio.(listen, track #3)
  • Oboe–sthenics for oboe. (1980) 6 3/4’ Meant to show off advanced oboe techniques, including numerous multiphonics (a calisthenics for the oboe). Chosen to represent the United States at the International Rostrum of Composers/UNESCO.
  • On Four for Electronic Valve Instrument, oboe/English horn, & piano (4 hands). (1983) 11’33”
  • Restless Winds for woodwind quintet. (1986) c. 5’ Commissioned by and dedicated to the Con Spirito Woodwind Quintet.
  • Speaking Alone for flute. (1976) c. 5’ Uses flute harmonics and whistle tones.
  • The Story of the Trees for woodwind quintet. (2021) c. 7 1/4"
  • Taming the Furies for solo flute. (2003). 4’35” Based on the Orpheus myth. Written for (commissioned by) Nina Assimakopouls.
  • Tides for clarinet and piano (2011/13). c. 15½
  • Three Movements for Saxophone Alone for soprano saxophone. (1971) c. 6 1/2’
  • Windscape for woodwind quintet. (1977) 5’09”
  • Xenium for flute and piano. (1992) c. 8’(listen, track #6)


  • Memories and Alterations - solo marimba. (2008) 6 1/2'
    Two bagatelles for marimba, designed to challenge the intermediate level player.
  • Of Wood and Skins for percussion duo. (2003) c. 11’> (listen, track #1)
  • Pas de Deux for marimba and piano. (1991) c. 6’
  • Three by Three for percussion trio. (1979) c. 8’
  • To a Quiet Place for solo vibraphone. (2021) c. 5’


  • A Brief Conversation for solo violin. (2012) 1'
  • Azure Skies for violin, cello, and harp. (1993) c. 7 1/2’
  • Duplex Variations violin and piano. (1995) c. 11’(listen, track #4)
  • Let's Play string quartet. (2007) c. 11'
  • Memories for viola. (1974) c. 8 1/2’
  • Musicians of the Air for violin. (2019) c. 7'
  • Obsessions for cello and piano. (1999) c. 9’
  • Paula’s Song for string quartet. (1996) c. 9’ Dedicated to Faye's mother.
  • Reaching the End of the Dance for cello. (2022) c. 5’
  • Reconstructed Music for violin, cello, and piano. (2002) c. 7 1/2’ (listen, track #8)
  • Speaking Together for violin and piano. (1981) 9 3/4’
  • String Quartet (Untitled) (1976) c. 9’
  • Translations for violin and cello. (2004) c. 6’ Commissioned by Philip A. DeSimone in memory of Linda J. Warren (1947-1988)
    (Listen to a comment from the composer)
  • Trial Balance for double bass. (1999 ) c. 6’


  • Embracing the Woman in Red for piano (2023) c. 5'
  • Fleeting Moments for piano (2011, 2012) 11’ First movement commissioned by the Phoenix Concerts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the VCCA.
  • Gliffs for piano. (1984) c. 15’ Influenced by the dance techniques of Pina Bausch.
    (Listen to a comment from the composer)
  • Journeying from B to C for piano. (2017) c. 12' Written for Baron Fenwick.
  • Settings for piano. (1978) c. 9 1/2’
  • Two Bagatelles for piano, (2007) c. 6’ The second bagatelle, Three/Four, is newly composed(listen, track #7). The first bagatelle is Two/Three from 1996. Watch Performance
  • Two/Three for piano. (1996) c. 3’
  • Singing My Song for piano, part of Subito Piano Premieres, Volume 1 (2020) 3 1/4'
  • Warm Words for a Cold Evening for piano 6 hands. (2018) 3'
  • Volcanic Songs for harp. (1983) c. 10’ Commissioned by the Chamber Music Society of Baltimore for Karen Lindquist.
  • Green Ink Serenade for guitar duo. (2017/19) c. 5’ Written for Volkmar Zimmermann and Kristian Gantriis.
  • Pregnant Pauses for guitar quartet. (2005) c. 9’ Written for(commissioned by) the Corona Quartet.
  • Processional for guitar. (1996) c. 7 1/4’ Written for Sergio Puccini.Watch Video
  • The Mercurial Guitaristfor guitar (2012) c. 9 1/2’ Dedicated to Volkmar (Zimmermann)
  • 3 Guitars (1980) c. 13’ Listen


  • Connections for clarinet, cello, and marimba. (1994) c. 11’ Based on a Passover melody.
  • For Him for flute, cello, and vibraphone. (1975) 10’ For Otto Luening on his 75th birthday.
  • Hollowed Refrains for oboe, violin, and piano. (1987) 11’09’’ Commissioned by the Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates. Written in memory of Paul Fromm.
    (Listen to a comment from the composer)
  • Shifting Colors for guitar, percussion, double bass, and piano (2012) c. 8 1.2’
  • Troubled Repose for flute, vla, and cb. (1998) c. 6 1/2’
  • Unquiet Dreams for clarinet, violin, and piano. (1992) c. 9’
  • Yet For Him for flute, cello, and piano. (1980) c. 10’ For Otto Luening on 80th Birthday.

The works listed above are published by: Seesaw/Subito Corp. and are available from any music dealer, including Theodore Front and

A Free Pen
Cantata-like composition on freedom of speech, written in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

Orchestral Tides - Ashlee' Miller,clarinet. Solene Romieu, conductor. the Green Fund Orchestra

Processional - Volkmar Zimmermann, guitar